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Georgia is situated at the crossroad of Europe and Asia, located between the Black and Caspian seas, surrounded by the Caucasus Mountains. One of the safest and peaceful lands a proof of ethical and religious diversity and tolerance. Georgia the country of ancient history and culture, big diversity of natural beauty, multiplicity of historical antiquity, amazing hospitability of people and proper customs, the richest folklore, delicious traditional cuisine and richly flavored wines that gives unforgettable impressions and valuable holidays.

Sairme - Health Tour

Balneological health resort SAIRME is situated in –west Georgia 55km from the city Kutaisi at an elevation of 950 m in the forested mountains . Climate- forest zone of the subtropical belt. The major natural curative factors are mineral waters known since the end of the XIX century is used in medical procedures as well as in cosmetology

The resort offers a balneological treatment centre.

Sairme flows in several streams/water well in the resort and nearby territories. They differ from one another in their chemical composition and healing properties. belong to carbon mineral water and are characterized with weak acidic medium (ph=6, 1-6,5) and increased content of flint acid.

Sanatorium Medical Service

Bath facilities


Medical Spa treatment

This unique water can cure the following:

  • Strengthens the skeletal system and helps to stop the inflammatory process
  • Oral treatment
  • Restoring the function of the liver
  • Urinary tract
  • Kidney
  • Gastrointestinal tract
  • Promotes the breakdown of harmful substances formed as a result of metabolism

We offer 7 and 14 days tour packages in Hotels

  1. Resort Sairme FB 7 and 14 days

Standard single room one day 69$ 1 pax one day 69$ 7 day 1 pax 483 $ 14 day 1 pax 966 $

Standard double/ twin one day 100$ 1 pax one day 50$ 7day 1 pax 350 $ 14 day 1 pax 700 $

Standard triple one day one day 105$ I pax one day 38$ 7 day 1 pax 266$ 14 day 1 pax 532 $

Hotel Imereti - samjeradi kvebiT da cxeli wylit

Sairme- imereti all inclusive

Hotel Imereti - samjeradi kvebiT da cxeli wylit

Hotel imereti 7 and 14 dayes

Standard single room one day 35 $ 1 pax one day 35 $ 7 day 1 pax 245 $ 14 day 1 pax 490 $

Standard double/ twin one day 67 $ 1 pax one day 33 $ 7 day 1 pax 231 $ 14 day 1 pax 462 $

Standard triple one day one day 82 $ I pax one day 30 $ 7 day 1 pax 210 $ 14 day 1 pax 420 $

Additional offers

Wide range of 1 day excursions :

Tskaltubo Batumi Tskaltubo40 $ -(5 pax and more )

Tskaltubo – Sataplia cave – Tskaltubo – 30 $ -(5 pax and more )

Tskaltubo –Martvilicanyon – Tskaltubo – 30 $-(5 Pax and more)

Tskaltubo-Katsxi –tskaltubo - 30 $-(5 Pax and more)

Transfer from Kutaisi Airport 20$ for pax (5 Pax and more )

Useful information


Georgia is situated at the crossroad of Europe and Asia, located between the Black and Caspian seas, surrounded by...

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The ENAT network looks forward to supporting the, on the road to a more inclusive society where tourism can be enjoyed by everyone.

Ivor Ambrose - Managing Director, ENAT provides very unique products and service tourists will definately be amazed by the exotic travel experience in the Caucasus region.

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Georgia is a great place, full of diversity and richness, that left me eager to return and explore more

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